Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why a Blog on Art Illustrators?

Why create a blog dedicated to the wonderful illustrators of yesterday and today?

Because many get lost in the suffle of magazine articles and many are not even known.  For instance, many advertisements and such never showed or listed them.  So many have been forgotten when they were the innovators of a time when computer illustrators were not even starting.  And, we must admit, that many illustrators now use the computer.  That is fine and--in the future--we will include some of them.  But for now, we study the fantastic art of artists setting and doing art whereas they took a blank sheet of paper or canvas, ect. to truly create some incredible work that was not helped by a computer.

No offense is meant for computer illustrators here.  But there have been many more years of magazine artists who have been forgotten.  For example: the old art deco artists of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and in advertisements.  Back then the illustrator was lucky to be mentioned or even to have their signature on the piece. 

So this blog is a special place for all illustrators so they will not be forgotten.

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